Author: Yoh

Oct. 8 the final day of Annapolis show

The wind today was alittle bit cold here. I saw visitors were wearing faul weather clothes. Come and see us tommorow at the show dock B for a demo sail on Oct. 9. You can feel Zen’s neutral helm and the sailing speed as well as the strong electric motoring. We are ready to offer you a demoboat price for the final day!

3rd day at the Annapolis show

Today is the third day of the ANNAPOLIS BOAT SHOW the Zen/24 had a lot of new vistors. Several had said they read some review on the Zen24 and wanted to see it in person. Many were impressed with the solar setup and the electric drive motor system, over all the whole environmental setup. The most common question was how long will it run under the electric motor ( about 5 hours at 5 knots). The second most asked question is how fast will it run? (hull speed is 6 knots).

Another fairly common question has been how does it handle light winds and how does it handle heavy winds? When explained to them that the ZenBoat was sailed in the San Francisco Bay with normal winds in the 20kt range with gusts of 25-30 knots the look of surprise and admiration is clearly visable. They were pleased to see the video and pictures of the Zen/24 under sailing under different conditions.

Another impressive feature they liked was the head room. For a boat of 24 ft, the head room is surprising to many. There were many remarks about the simple, yet roomy interior. One does not have the feel of being in a 24 ft boat.

We have had two major sailing magazines stop by to take pictures and ask questions about the Zen/24. Both are planning to write a review of the ZenBoat. In a show full of a sea of large million dollar yachts the Zen 24 stands out as a boat for the everyday person and the family.

The crowds at the show today (Sat) were large and varied with people from other countries in attendance, many of whom expressed an interest in making a point of visiting the ZenBoat. Several spoke of it being good for the boating world, it is the way of the future, and also it is about time this type of boat is made available.

Yet, as impressive as the ZenBoat is to see, it is more impressive to sail.

Zen 24 now at the Annapolis yacht show

Come and see the Zen 24 at the dock B in US yacht show Oct. 4 to 8 at Annapolis. Check our extra roomy inside, electric inboad power and a new 48V solor charging system. Ask for a special show price!

Zen24 heads East


Zen24 heads East…
Oct Is here and the Annaoplis boat show is near at hand. With help from Yoh Sensei’s son we made the Zenboat ready to travel and show in Annapolis Maryland .
In addition to cleaning, we installed the portapotti, raisers for the winches, and a set of solar panels which were mounted on the cabin top. These were special configuration assembled by Ganz-Eco energy co . The panels are semi-flexible and can be stepped on with no problem. That takes care of the charging problem while out all day motoring or when sitting for days without being plugged in to a power source. It also makes the Zen24 more self contained and more green. I think this is a major step in increasing the appeal of the boat.
We are hopeful that the East Coast turns out to be a better venue for the Zenboat. Having so many more small places to explore and hangout perhaps this will be the place for this boat. We have two sailing magazines doing articles on the Zenboat, little by little we are getting more exposure to the public. What we really need ow is for someone to purchase one and have it be part of a sailing community.
Preparing the boat for shipping took some effort, however the big effort was getting it settled on the flat bed truck. After it was already on the truck the driver decides that the wheels need to come off the trailer to lower the boat enough to be leak on the road. This took some real effort. Lucky I have some connections at the marine and was able to come up with two large floor jacks to raise the boat and the trailer up to remove the ties. The whole operation was scary. However we did it without anyone or the boat and me getting hurt! Yatta!
and then she was off…
As I write this I am on the plane flying to meet her in Annapolis.
*note: I will edit in pictures late. My iPad is limited

Zen 24 Spec and Price

  • Length overall: 24.80ft (7.56m)
  • Length water line: 21.65ft (6.60m)
  • Beam: 8.69ft (2.65m)
  • Draft: 3.94ft (1.20m)
  • Ballast: 1213lb (550kg)
  • Displacement (half loaded): 4079lb (1850kg)
  • Sail area (Main sail+100% fore):270.1 sq. ft (25.09m2)
  • Engine: Gas outboard / Electric outboad system / Electric inboad system
  • MSRP $45,995.

  • Price does not include taxes, delivery from Alameda CA. battery, safety equipment, registration and optional items.
  • Prices and specs subject to change without notice.
Zen24 equipment Std
Hull &
Hull and deck hand layup fiberglass with ISO polyester resin
First layer with vinylester resin for protection from osmosis and additional durability.
Wood laminated tiller vanished
Bow and stern pulpit 7/8 tube SUS 316
4 stanchions with a set of single stainless steel wire lifelines
Jib sheet leader with track
2 Jib sheet non self tailing winches and jam cleats
2 Jib sheet self tailing winches option balance $1,080.
Halyard winch with sheet stopper on the cabin top
Winch handle
Slide hatch with a fiberglass board
Bow hatch acrylic skylight
Cockpit lockers each side
Mooring cleats large alminum 200mm
4 handrails on the cabin top 1″ tube SUS 316
Foot rail on the cockpit floor 1″ tube SUS 316
Rig Aluminium alloy mast and boom
Stainless steel rigging and turnbackles
Main and jib halyard 5/16 low stretch polyester double braid
Main and jib sheet 3/8 polyester double braid
Mainsail 141.9 sq. ft challenge dacron cloth with sail slider, two reef points
Mainsail cover UV blue Sunbrella cloth
Regular jibsail 104.3 sq. ft challenge dacron cloth with hunks
Storm jibsail 43.8 sq. ft challenge dacron cloth optional $470.
Furling genoa jib UV blue cover at luff and foot with formed luff optional $980.
Genaker 1.2oz.Radial-Head without sheet & hallyard optional $990.
Jib furling system Local
Lazy jacks Local
Boom vang with blocks and cam
Boom topping lift Dyneema 1/8
Backstay adjustment tackle
Wind indicater Windex 10
Cabin Head with a Porta-Potty head
Head with marine head and 5 gallon holding tank system $1,220.
Salon table can converted to double berth
Galley sink stainless steel bowl installed on a fiberglass housing
Full upholstery
4 Dry lockers under birth
Shelf lockers both side
1 Switch panel
12V output socket
1 Cabin light
Navigation lights
2 Battery boxes
Misc Antifouling paint optional Local
GPS, VHF optional Local
Solar panel 40W×2 with charge controller on the cabin top mount optional $1,800.
Solar panel 40W×1 with charge controller on the cbin top mount optional $940.
Large mounted steering compass PLASTIMO 130 $490.
Small mounted steering compass PLASTIMO 101 $390.
Solar ventilator mounted on the cabin top $310.
Autopilot ST1000+ Local
Swimming ladder mounted in the transom 3-step folding $240.
Safety equipment optional Local
Change hull colour gelcoat from standard clear white color $1,200.
Standard Price includes items, installation, plumbing and wiring. $45,995.
Engine 6Ps~9.9Ps outboard L length transom Local
Yanmar 2YM 14Ps diesel with 5 gallon fuel tank $11,100.
Electric inboard propulsion system
Yellowtail 2.5Kw/8HP with a fixed 3 blade propeler, exclude batteries
Delivery cost from Alameda CA, Ask local transport company, Check here Local
Registration cost, check DMV changing ownership Local
Total price