3rd day at the Annapolis show

Today is the third day of the ANNAPOLIS BOAT SHOW the Zen/24 had a lot of new vistors. Several had said they read some review on the Zen24 and wanted to see it in person. Many were impressed with the solar setup and the electric drive motor system, over all the whole environmental setup. The most common question was how long will it run under the electric motor ( about 5 hours at 5 knots). The second most asked question is how fast will it run? (hull speed is 6 knots).

Another fairly common question has been how does it handle light winds and how does it handle heavy winds? When explained to them that the ZenBoat was sailed in the San Francisco Bay with normal winds in the 20kt range with gusts of 25-30 knots the look of surprise and admiration is clearly visable. They were pleased to see the video and pictures of the Zen/24 under sailing under different conditions.

Another impressive feature they liked was the head room. For a boat of 24 ft, the head room is surprising to many. There were many remarks about the simple, yet roomy interior. One does not have the feel of being in a 24 ft boat.

We have had two major sailing magazines stop by to take pictures and ask questions about the Zen/24. Both are planning to write a review of the ZenBoat. In a show full of a sea of large million dollar yachts the Zen 24 stands out as a boat for the everyday person and the family.

The crowds at the show today (Sat) were large and varied with people from other countries in attendance, many of whom expressed an interest in making a point of visiting the ZenBoat. Several spoke of it being good for the boating world, it is the way of the future, and also it is about time this type of boat is made available.

Yet, as impressive as the ZenBoat is to see, it is more impressive to sail.

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