Zen24: Sail magazine, review

It is the day after the big boat show in Annapolis Maryland. Sail magazine had scheduled a Sail with us on the bay. We are here at the Chesapeake Bay and conditions were prefect. It had been raining and cold the last few days, so this was a taken as a gift from the Universe. The day was sunny, comfortably warm and moderate winds in the 11- 15 knot range. Light by the S.F. Bay standards, where the Zen24 has been sailing lately. No reef was needed today, this would give the Zen24 chance to show how she does under normal sailing conditions. The writer had already seen pictures her sailing under the pressure of San Francisco.



We got underway without issue and motored out of the marina and enjoyed the quiet view of some of the other show boats out doing maneuvers and the locals still at dock. Once out of the marina the ZenMotor was turned up a little, to show some speed and make some faster time out to open waters. Once cleared sails were raised and the ZenBoat leaped forward and quickly found a groove. It was as if she also had missed being on the water with the winds beneath her wings. Yeah, there is the groove exclaimed the writer!



After we had gotten things under way, the writer was invited to take the helm. We sailed back and both for a while the writer was impress with the nimbleness of the ZenBoat. She was quick to respond to command or wind. He noted that we kept up with a larger boat that we had come out of the marina with and was impressed with our speed.



After we had sail for a while we came across his partner on another boat. The plan was they were to film each other under sail. The other boat was a fast sloop about 26 ft. We mixed back, and along side of her, before slipping behind her to finish the photos. Then it was our turn, sails were trimmed for close reach and we leaned into the water and lifted in the wind. It was like growing wings as we pulled ahead.


Once done with our speed run it was asked what was the blue boat’s speed keeping up with us. We were told 7 Kts over land.

We turned and head back after a few pleasantries and jokes were exchanged. Everyone was pleased with the run.

The written once back in the marina under power put the ZenBoat through some drills, stopping, backing, turning, thrusting.

He was smiling with the pleasure of being impressed and a great afternoon sail. As the clouds darken with the change of weather settling on the day, we docked and prepared the ZenBoat for her trip back to Alameda.

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  1. Nice write up. I almost exclaimed ‘you’re in the groove now’ myself. I have read so many boat reviews that I wonder if the writer ever saw the boat. This one does not know what 7 knots is. It is not 7mph too. It is 7.98mph. That means the boat was surfing, planing or in the huge ebb near S.F. Bay bridge and not mentioned. I smile when I say my boat did 8 knots by gps on its first outing! No masts or engine either. Whoo Hoo! Why mention it was being towed? Ever notice how the brochures are usually off on the displacement of the boat too? Why not publish the polars of the boat certified by anyone believeable?

  2. […] Zen24は180隻以上の出展艇の中から、見事栄冠に輝きました。ボートショー後は、Sailマガジン社の取材記者によるテストセーリングを行い、セーリング性能を絶賛されました。併走した26フィートのレース艇が、Zen24に追いつけなかったからです。 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } […]

    • Gents, the error (knots vs mph) is mine not the reviewer. This is not an official magazine review only my write up of what happened. Thank you for pointing out my errors, I forget how error free a blog is supposed to be even when just relating a simple event for general information purposes.I am sure when the OFFICIAL article is released it will be up to the set standards of written quality. As a student of Zen I often take the phrase ” do not get lost on the finger pointing to the moon” to heart and forget that others do not. Perhaps i should place some editorial disclaimer in the future.
      I apologize for the error.

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