Associates and dealers Wanted

Yoh Aoki is seeking the help of sailing instructors to promote and sell the  Zen 24 in the US market. Because sailing instructors would understand the Zen 24’s unique performance characteristics, it is easiest for them to communicate with students who are looking for their next boat. Aoki Yachts would rather work with professional sailors who understand what makes a good sailboat.

Yoh Aoki also likes to have dealers help. Dealer needs business license and is required to purchase an amount of boats a year not like associates.

Please contact us if you would like to help bring Sailing Zen to America!
We will reply you our terms and conditions.


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  1. I’ve taught sailing for many years, starting as a student at Boston University, where I taught sailing in the summer athletic program and raced on the BU women’s team, placing 3rd in the National Women’s Intercollegiate Sailing Championship. After graduation I taught sailing on Cape Cod at the Provincetown School of Sailing, and later on my own boat in New Orleans, Louisiana where I served as Director of the Teacher Resource Service. I also wrote the Sailing Instructor and Student Manuals for the Royal Saudi government’s naval training program as a technical training writer for Perspective Instructional Communications. I was a licensed teacher in Massachusetts, Louisiana and California. Currently i am retired living in Carlsbad (Southern California) where the weather is mild and sailing small boats a ‘year round sport. My last boat was a rhodes 22’ centerline keel sloop named “Chi” (I studied Tai Chi with Al Wang). And recently I helped a lady sail her Cal 32 to Mexico. Now I am looking to day sail locally – out of Oceanside Harbor – which is only 8 miles from my home. i am very interested in finding our more about your terms and conditions for becoming a Zen 24 associate. As a female, I find my students are both male and female, families with children, youngsters and senior citizens. Will I be able to see your boat at the July 26th San Diego Boat Show? Thank you. Nina Luisi (email home phone 760-602-1269).

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