AHODORI & Yoh’s circumnavigation

The ketch AHODORI 2 is a 21-foot plywood boat built by her skipper Yoh Aoki at his back yard taking 2 years.
When Yoh was 22 years old, he left Osaka in Japan for the circumnavigation the globe by himself.
He had no engine, no radio, no GPS, only a sextant and a compass.
Yoh was luckily sailed home on 1974 after 3 years and 2 months lonesome journey on the sea, calling at San Francisco, Acapulco, Galapagos islands, Easter island, Buenos Aires, Cape town and Sydney.
No such a small boats like a 21-foot has attempted to sail around the world via Cape Horn.

His 1972 Cape Horn passage was miraculous Yoh says.
“A wave he recalls as being about 100 feet high turned his vessel upside down before another wave somehow righted the craft. “The upside-down boat had started sinking because a lot of water came into the cabin” .

His boat is registered on the Guiness book of record as the smallest boat ever circumnavigated the world via Cape Horn. The record is also introduced to Captain Joshua Slocum Society’s book.
His boat AHODORI 2 has been now displayed at the Banpaku Museum Park in Osaka.

If you like to read more about the story, check “Yoh & Ahoudori” book in English. Also his recent books “Inner sailing 1“,”Inner sailing 2” and “Inner sailing 3” are best selling  in Japan and Korea as sailing text books.

Aoki is also conducting a monthly Zen meeting at Zigenin temple in OSAKA. Feel free to join the meetings.

And now, Yoh is the principal of our Aoki yacht school.


Yoh's circumnavigation route

Yoh’s circumnavigation route taking 3 years & 2 months


11 Comments to AHODORI & Yoh’s circumnavigation

  1. Ray Prendergast says:


    I want to send you your epic record shattering round the world trip letters to me from Accapulco, Cape Horn (upside down), Buenos Aires, Perth, but I have lost your address. Please resend it ASAP. I lost your last fine email when my computer crashed.
    I hope you are well. Fair winds. Ray Prendergast

  2. My last messge is all that I can supply to get a reply from Yoh. I lived in San Francisco with Charlie Greenfield. Yoh came to my house for dinner while he was remaking his mast broken on the trip from Japan to the US.

  3. How else can I send an important message to Yoh???

  4. Fair winds and good bye.

    Ray Prendergast

  5. admin says:

    Ray, my addreess in Japan is,

    Yoh Aoki
    Rinku-port Kita1,
    Tajiri-tyo, Sennan-gun,
    Osaka 5980093

    telephone:+81 724 65 8192

  6. Alex Hamm says:

    Yoh,very cool!!!

  7. admin says:

    Hi Alex, thank you for your comment! See you on the water somewhere!!

  8. Ray Prendergast says:

    Hi, Yoh and Missy

    Wonderful to be able to write to you again after so long. have just posted a letter to you, Jan. 17, which I trust will reach you. Briefly, I have moved to a new home since Nancy is on her way. I will be sending you my favored Zen book by Thich Nhat Hanh lest you may not have it. Fair winds in all your important contributions to civilization. Ray

  9. Yoh says:

    I received the book you sent me.
    I’m trying to find a publishing company to print my book in English.

    Take care of yourself.

    Fair winds,

  10. Lalloo says:

    Incredible!!! I am going to do what you did in the near future. It would be an honor to meet with you time permitting, sailor to sailor, just to have a drink with you and to celebrate the journey in your footsteps. I am Lalloo.

  11. Andrew Fagan says:

    I would like to buy an English version of ‘Yoh & Ahodori’ or ‘Ahoudori And Myself’ by Yoh Aoki. I’m assuming they are the same book with a different title?
    I am in New Zealand.

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