BBC course ASA-104

Bareboat chartering course

  • Prerequisites : BCC, CON and Boating license in Japan
  • Lesson fee : Yen 120000(tax not included)/ person
    Annapolis book of Seamanship, Cruising fundermentals and a Nautical chart are purchased. Other course materials and ASA certification fee included.
  • Class location :  Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi and Okinawa
  • Application form


This 4 day course prepares you to charter boats to 50 feet on your own. In this course you’ll learn large boat handling skills and familiarization of ships systems with inboard diesel engines, multiple cabins, kitchens, toilets, nav equipt, etc. Stay overnight on the boat and become familiar with all onboard equipt. Includes motoring, docking, anchoring, cooking, entering an unfamiliar harbor, man overboard procedures, radio procedures and protocols.
You’ll understand the responsibilities of skipper and crew, and what it is like staying aboard a sailing yacht for an extended period. This course can be taken one of our school at Okinawa, Tokyo and Osaka. This course includes two legs of night sailing. Upon successful completion of this course you’ll receive ASA certification for Bareboat Chartering.

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