Learn to sail in Japan & Boat license classes at Tokyo, Yokosuka, Osaka and Okinawa

SBD course ASA-118

Safe Boating and Docking course

  • Prerequisite : None
  • Lesson fee : Yen 53,000(tax not included)/ person
    Sailing fundermentals book is purchased. Other course materials and ASA certification fee included.
  • Class location :  Yokosuka, Osaka, Aichi and Okinawa
  • Application form


This is a newly designed 2 day course. The lesson incorporates with classroom instruction and on the water exercises to teach you the boating safety and docking.
You will learn about the safety equipments and how to keep you and crew member’s safety as a skipper.
Docking in a narrow channel in a harbour is always one of a basic issue to maintain for beginning sailor. You will study docking using wind force and rudder effect with motor.
Upon successful completion of this course, students experience a significant increase in enjoyment in all of their sailing ventures because they will no longer fear docking at the end of the day. Spouses particularly enjoy mastering these skills because it helps them to become more proficient and confident as crew members.

  • Day 1

0930 : Meet at class room
Self introduction
Instruction and question
Demonstration about safety equipments
Basic manner and mooring skill at a marina
Rope work test on the deck
Terminology on the deck
Preparing for leaving dock

1200 : Lunch break
Turning theory and Docking procedure at a class room
Roll playing with docking as a skipper and a crew member
Propeller walk and standing turn practice
Sailing practice
Putting back the boat in order
Question & answer

1700 : Close class

  • Day 2

0930 : Meet at class room
Instruction and question
Theory to leaving dock to weather side
Procedure to man overboard rescue
Leaving dock
Practicing leaving dock
Practicing man overboard rescue using engine
Sailing practice

1200 : Lunch break
On the water test Docking and undocking
On the water test Man overboard
Putting back the boat in order
Question & answer
Test written exam
Evaluation to the exam

1700 : Close class

2 Comments to SBD course ASA-118

  1. Yothin Jinjarak says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in the sailing course (zero knowledge to begin with). I live in Tokyo and was wondering whether you would have an upcoming course nearby. Look forward to any suggestion that you may have.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Wishes,


  2. admin says:

    Hi Yothin-san,
    Thank you for your comment .
    You can join with the Japanese student classes or VIP class just for you.
    Instructor can speak English and you can take exam written in English.
    Thank you very much.

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