Learn to sail in Japan & Boat license classes at Tokyo, Yokosuka, Osaka and Okinawa

Fees and payment for boat license classes

Refund policy at Aoki Yacht School

Lesson fees are paid before the class starts and fees are non-refundable. In the event that class must be postponed due to poor weather or events beyond our control, every effort will be made to reschedule the class for a time of your convenience. Rescheduling period will be good for 365 days from the originally scheduled class.

  • Text books and nautical published materials are  included in boat license class fee.
  • Text books and exams are included in boat license course fee.
  • Deposit the tuition to this bank account.
    Mitsubishi UFJ bank.
    Izumisano branch
    Savings account 4744836
    Aoki Boat School Co.Ltd.


Boat license courses Fees
(1) Class 1 grade Yen 224,860. / 1 person
(2) Class 2 grade Yen 189,215. / 1 person
(3) Private lesson class 1 Yen 445,500. / 2 persons
(4) Private lesson class 2 Yen 378,400. / 2 persons

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