Requirements for Japanese boating license class

Required documents & download

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Copy of Resident Card (civilian)
  4. Original Certificates of Residence (civilian) issued from the local government office where you are registered.
    Or an original document which certifies your FPO/APO post office box (military).
    ※When you do not have these documents, you need other documents proving a place of residence in Japan. Crick here
  5. Four Color Photographs of 4.5 cm×3.5 cm, taken within six months, hatless, no sunglasses, front-view, above the chest, with your name and date of birth on the back side. See the photo below.
  6. Original Certificate of preliminary physical examination,
    Examination is carried out for eyesight, color blindness, eye disease, hearing ability. You must be “normal” for each item. Request that the doctor circle “normal” by showing your drivers license if you have one as it has the same standard. It is recommended that a Japanese doctor conduct the exam because you need a seal stamp on your photo.
  7. Mail all of the above documents #1 to #6  to:
    Aoki boat school
    Rinku-port Kita1, Tajiri-tyo, Sennan-gun,
    Osaka, 5980093 Japan
  8. Download the guide to the boat license exam


7 Comments to Requirements for Japanese boating license class

  1. Ken Marron says:

    I’ve been sailing dinghies and catamarans in Japan for 10 years and am interested in completing the BBC course ASA-104 and the necessary perquisites. I notice you require that I take a physical examination but I am colour blind. I have two questions;
    1) will colour blindness prohibit me from taking course and/or the exam?
    2) is the physical exam required if I take the exam in the US – I have not noticed this requirement on other sailing school sites.

  2. Anne says:

    Hey my son is on his way to Osaka. He will begin a new job on monday. I am sure he would like to take the boating coarse in English but will only be available on the week ends. Since he is an avid sailor and was the student captain of his sailing team at northeastern university in Boston he would also make a perfect part time instructor for you.

    Can you comment on how he may take this class (I notice it is held only once a year and during the week). Can you offer one on the week-end?

    Also are there regattas he may like?



  3. admin says:

    Hi Anne, A Weekend class for English speaking students may be held with four students together in a class.
    Please direct contact with me at

  4. Ashley Duncan says:


    I am a licensed 50 ton captain here on Ohau moving to Okinawa at the end of April. When are the classes on Okinawa and what are the requirements to take the class? I have clicked on the links but the URL does not exist anymore?! Please email me if possible. I’d like to get my captains license soon after I arrive.


    Captain Ashley Duncan

  5. admin says:

    Hi Captain Ashley,
    We are sorry to ge t back to you so late.
    Unfortunately we don’t have any class in Okinawa now.
    Fair Wind.

  6. Daniel says:

    Hi my friend and i are moving to Osaka next month for work and school but he inherited a catamaran for i think bigger then 40 meter which doesnt fall under the small license correct? If so which license do you need and where can you get it? Also aslong as the boat remains docked is it possible to have it in Japan(Osaka) without a license?

  7. yohaoki says:

    Hi, it’s correct that 40m boat doesn’t fall under the small boat licence.
    The boat or ship which have capability to sail need license.
    Call transportation department in Osaka at 06-6949-6434 further detail.

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