Aoki sailing club

Aoki sailing club is located in the Tokyo bay area.

Check the Japanese website and can be translated.

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  1. Hiroji Shimabucuro says:

    My wife and I are brazilian Nikkeis living in Tokyo. We have recently completed Rya day skipper course in Singapore and now we looking to hone our skills by possibly becoming aoki sailing club members.
    We would like to know if this is possible to join your club if we take de course for japan boat license 1 with your school.
    Thank you very much.
    Beat regards,

  2. admin says:

    Hi Hiroji,
    Aoki club is limited to ASA certified sailors. And yes, Japanese boat license is also needed.
    You can transform your RYA day skipper license to ASA certification by taking an ASA-101 written exam. The cost is Yen 13,400. including ASA annual membership fee.

  3. Hiroji Shimabucuro says:

    Hi, thank you for your reply.
    When will it be the next japanese boat license course and exam?
    Thank you and regards,

  4. Hiroji Shimabucuro says:

    Sorry, one more question.. How difficult it is to rental the boats on saturdays or sundays, say from May and on? Is there many requests from members?

    Thank you again. Regards,

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