BKB course ASA-101

Basic Keel Boat course

  • Prerequisite : SBD-118 Recommended
  • Lesson fee : Yen 55,000 / person (tax not included)
    Sailing fundamentals book is not includes. Other course materials, ASA certification fee and ASA annual membership fee are included.
  • Class location :  Yokosuka, Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi
  • Application form

Sailors must sail a boat of about 22 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision. A preparatory Standard with no auxiliary power or navigation skills required.

This 2 days course incorporates classroom instruction and on the water exercises to teach you the basic sailing fundamentals.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive Basic Keelboat Certification from the American Sailing Association (ASA).  This certification also includes endorsement from the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.
Additionally, BKB 101 graduates will receive one year membership in the American Sailing Association, access to ASA’s new online certification system, and sailing magazine subscriptions.

  • Day 1

0930 : Meet at class room
Self  introduction
Instruction and question
Student demonstration about safety equipments
Rope work test on the deck
Test terminology on the deck
Preparing for leaving dock

1200 : Lunch break
Instruction about tucking, gybing and heave too procedure at the class room
Preparing for leaving dock
Leaving dock practice
Sailing, tucking, gybing, heading up and heading down
Steering as a helmsman and work as a crew member roll playing
Return to the dock
Putting back the boat in order
Question & answer

1700 : Close class

  • Day 2

0930 : Meet at the marina desk
Instruction to point of sail and MOB, Figure 8 method, man overboard rescue procedure under sail
Question and answer
Preparing for leaving dock
Leaving dock practice
Sailing skill practice to tucking, gybing, heading up heading down
and MOB under sail

1200 : Lunch break
Sailing skill practice to tucking, gybing, heading up heading down
and MOB
On the water tests to MOB under sail
Come back to the dock
Putting back the boat in order
Question & answer
Test written exam
Evaluation to the exam

1700 : Close class

3 Comments to BKB course ASA-101

  1. Enrico Fontana says:


    I am interested in following a BKB course ASA 101 in Yokosuka.

    I have a few questions:

    1) I do not hold a SBD course ASA 118 certificate, even if I have been many times in sailing boats and I feel confident I can go directly to the BKB course ASA 101.
    2) How difficult is the test? Does it need preparation before? (ie: previous studies, practical experience?). I already have the inner sailing book number 1. Is the test based on all of the 3 sailing volumes or on which one/s?
    3) Is an ASA certificate valid everywhere in the world? ie: Europe.

    Thank you,

  2. David Cardinal says:

    I’m interested in getting a liecence and experience to allow me to own a yaucht for costal sailing in Japan.
    I have some experience sailing small dighies and have crewed a racing yaucht many times, although I have not taken any courses before.
    I am interested to take the BKB COURSE ASA-101 at Lagoona, Aichi, followed by the BCC COURSE ASA-103.
    Please inform me if this is posible and the schedule for this.
    Thank you,
    David Cardinal.

  3. admin says:

    Dear David,
    Thank you for your comment. Regarding your question, we are not sure you understand Japanese fluently or not, but sailing class in Aichi is only in Japanese language.
    But you can take BKB and BCC course in Osaka, Yokosuka, Tokyo.

    The schedule for BKB
    Osaka Tajiri Marina : 10/8-9 11/12-13 12/10-11
    Tokoy Yumenoshima Marina : 10/1-2 11/5-6 12/3-4
    Yokosuka Yumenoshima Marina : 11/26-27 12/10-11

    We are looking forward to hear from you again, thank you.

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