Class locations

  1. Sailing  classes are held at Yokosuka, Osaka, Aichi, Okayama and Okinawa .
  2. Boating license classes are located at Yokosuka and Osaka.
  • Osaka main school (sailing & boat license classes)
    is located at Rinku-town next to the Kansai international airport. The marina Tajiri is a good size facility and has a good home-like atmosphere.
    Rinku-port Kita 1, Tajiri-cyo, Sennan-gun, Osaka, 5980093 Japan.
    Tel. 072-465-8192 Fax. 072-465-8194
  • Tokyo school (sailing classes)
    is at Yumenosima marina is a walking distance from Shinkiba station, Tokyo metro line.
  • Yokosuka school (sailing & boat license classes)
    are based at a modern resort Marina Velasis at Yokosuka, southern tip of Tokyo bay where you can enjoy clear wind and water.
  • Aichi school (sailing classes)
    is in the newly built Lagoona Marina located the east of Nagoya at the middle of Mikawa bay. The bay is near a peninsula that usually experience calm water.


2 Comments to Class locations

  1. Rob Shearer says:

    Hello. I already have my ASA 104 certification and have chartered bareboats around the world. Do you have companies or individuals in Okinawa you would recommend for chartering a bareboat for a week?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rob, thank you or your comment and sorry for the delay to reply.
    Right now it is difficult to find the charter in Japan, we have no idea about the companies or individuals.
    Good luck.

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