BCC course ASA-103

Basic Coastal Cruising course

  • Prerequisite : BKB-101
  • 3 days 2 nights      — JPY 98,000 / person (tax not included)
    2 days 1 night x 2  — JPY 98,000 / person (tax not included)
  • Cruising fundamental book and a local Nautical chart, accommodations are not included. Other course materials, ASA exam and certification fees are included.
  • Class location :  Osaka, Yokosuka & Tokyo
  • Application form

This 3 day course combined with classroom lessons and on the water exercises to build up the skills learned in Basic Keelboat Sailing.

This course includes more advanced sail trim, boat handling skills, safety, seamanship, reefing, sail change, navigation, anchoring and much more.

You’ll learn chart plotting, rule of the road, and man overboard drill, acting both as a skipper and a crew underway to destination.

Upon successful completion, you receive Basic Coastal Cruising Certification from the ASA and become qualified to charter on your own.

The course program

day 1

  • 0930 : Meet up at the marina desk
  • Self-introduction by each student
  • Course instruction by instructor
  • Onboard gear check
  • Discussion about each sailing plan
  • Set up watch team and role
  • Briefing before departure by a student skipper
  • 1100 : Leaving the dock
  • Figure eight-method training (MOB rescue)
  • 1300 : Lunch onboard
  • Bearing fix training
  • Chart plotting training
  • Sailing training
  • 1600 : Get into the harbor
  • Anchoring training
  • Clearing up the boat
  • Dinner at a local hotel
  • Discussion and evaluation of the first leg at the hotel
  • Sailing plan building for the second leg

day 2 & 3

  • 0900 : Breakfast at the hotel
  • The briefing before departure by a skipper
  • Bearing fix training
  • Chart plotting training
  • Sailing training
  • Figure eight method training (MOB rescuer)
  • 1200 : Lunch onboard
  • Sailing training
  • 1500 : Entering the harbor
  • Anchoring / docking training
  • Clearing up the boat
  • Break at the local hotel
  • Dinner at the local hotel
  • Group discussion and evaluation of the second leg
  • Sailing plan building for the third leg
  • Exam, question & answer and scoring
  • Certification entry in the logbook  by the instructor
  • 1700 : Class close


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  1. Emerson Granados says:

    Hi. Please keep me informed of any upcoming ASA 103/Basic Coastal Cruising class. I have the pre-requisite BKB 101. egranados@san.rr.com

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