Class 2 license course

Class 2 grade license group lesson for English speaking students.

If you are fluent in Japanese, please join our ordinary Japanese classes and take English exams.

  1. 3 day course
  2. Class  held with 2 to 8 students with Japanese students
  3. Lesson fee Yen 189,215 per person on scheduled dates
    Fee includes: text books, study materials and exams
  4. Check requirements here
  5. Application form
  •  1st day : Class room

0900  Meet at the class room
Instruction and question
General knowledge

1200  Lunch break
Navigation rules

1800  Close

  • 2nd day : Class room

0900  Meet at the class room
Boating terms
Basic weather

1200  Lunch break
Preparation and Basic operation
Required safety equipment
Exam 1

1800  Close

  • 3rd day : On the water

0900  Meet at the marina
Instruction & On the water practice

1200  Lunch break
On the water practice

1800  Close

5 Comments to Class 2 license course

  1. maalls says:


    I have few questions :

    – Is the licence international ? I am going to Thailand soon, and I am wondering if I could rent a boat over there with your licence.

    – How long does it take to get the licence ? I know the licence course takes 4 days. Does that means I would get the licence the 4th days ? If not how long would it take ?
    More precisely I live in Tokyo and I am leaving to Thailand the 25th of Febuary, would I be able to get the licence in time if I apply to your course ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply,


  2. admin says:

    I have already replied you with e-mail.
    Thank you.

  3. Peter Moffat says:

    Good day,

    I am currently planning to ship my boat to Japan, this for pleasure and also to do some charter work. I am currently resident here in Yokohama.

    Please can you advise what license would be suited to the boat, she is a sail boat 57 foot (17.3m), 26.6 tons.

    Thank you in advance, much appreciated.


  4. Michael says:


    Is it possible to not go to boat school but to still take the written and practical exams?

    The reason I ask is that i live far from Osaka, and I am not sure i can get the time off work to attend. Plus, I have people where I live (not affiliated with a school) who can teach me how to operate a boat for the practical. But for the written, I need a study guide.

    Any information would be great,


  5. admin says:

    Hi Michael,
    I apologize for the delay to answer you.
    Unfortunately the answer is No.
    The reason is that this license is national qualification, so our class have to follow the specific class contents.
    We can’t skip those contents to issue the license.
    Hope you uunderstand it.

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