Term and conditions


1. Company name :  Aoki Yacht Co.,Ltd.

2. Operation officer : Yoh Aok

3. Adress : Kita1, Rinku-port, Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka  598-0093

4. Telephone : 072-465-8192

5. The fee except tuition

Tax, bank transfer fee, local accommodation, food, transportaion, text book, map

6. Expiration date

After confirmation of your application, when you don’t pay the tuition fee within 7 days, it will be treated as cancelled.

7. Official confirmation

After the payment confirmation, we will contact you. In case the class is already full, you can choose the condition from

#10 below.

8. Cancellation fee by students

By 31 days of class : 20%,  by 31-21 of class : 30%,  by 20-14 days of class : 50%,  by 13-2 days of class : 80%,

The class day : 100%

Bank transfer fee for refund to your account will be on charge.

9. Fee for schedule change by students

By 22 days of class : free,  by 21-8 days of class : 10%,  by 7-3 days of class : 30%

When you change your schedule in 2 days of the class date, it will be treated as cancelled.

You can re-schedule within 6 months of your aplication date.

For BBC, ACC, IQC courses, re-schedule within 376 days of your application date.

10. Cancellation  by other conditions

When we cancelled the classes by the weather or other conditions, you can choose refund or use for the next class.

Bank fransfer fee for refund will be on charge.

11. Method of payment

Bank transfer or credit card

12. Your payment account

*Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, savings account, Izumisano branch, 4654340    Aoki Yacht Co.,Ltd.

*Japan Net Bank,                       savings account, Suzumi branch,      4248932     Aoki Yacht Co.,Ltd.

13. Textbook

We will send all teaching materials after payment confirmation.

You can prepare special textbook, channel map, magazine, and matin chart by yourself.

14. The license acquisition

You need to meet the need pre-qualification of course and take the classes and pass the test.

15. Responsibility for accident

Our school and instructors pay maximum atention to avoid accident to protect students.

We take responsibility to the accident within the limits of insurance in the case accident caused by instructors or an inevitable

accident. But students respnsibility in the case accident caused by students. We suggest all students join personal

compensation resposibility insurance to avoid personal expense.

16. Multiple classes discount

5% discount from the tuition when you sign up more than 2 courses at the same time.

When you re-take the class or practice courses is exception.

*You need to decide the class dates when you sign up.

*You can change the date but no cancel.

*All tiotion should be paid.

*Discount term is effect for one year of first dat of the class.