Zen24 @ the Summer Sailstice…Alameda/Oakland

It was a grand and glorious summer day on Sat the 23. It was not the real summer solstice but it was the official celebration day for the summer sail event.

I had been contacted by Capt Mary of Afterguard academy to take a few passengers and join in the sailing event for the day.

I arrived at the marina a little early to setup the boat. I was surprised to find I had missed the boat. I felt like I was seeing my child, my boat after an absence. It did feel funny getting on it and standing with the boat moving so much because of it’s lightness, after just being on the stable ZenCat these days

The wind was perfect, we needed to reef for the Zen 24 but it was very comfortable after the sails were trimmed to the conditions. Unlike Sensei I was not trying to show how well the boat could handle stronger conditions. I just wanted a comfortable ride for my crew and me. When sailing you have a choice sometimes you can sail easy or rough.

Little by little we made our way out of the estuary. It was slow going. Not because I could not get speed but I was suppose to bring up the rear with the group and I keep needing to slow down in order not to pass the others. The Zen24 was faster than the other boats in the group.

Once out on the Bay we had a very nice sail, no tacking just a smooth ride. That part was fun. There were a lot of boats out and about over in the slot where the winds are more intense. We however were not going that far out because we were, suppose to be joining the parade. Therefore we headed back down the estuary after a bit. Another reason was we needed to make a pit stop at Jack London since the Zen Boat head is not legal to use here in the States as yet. This is one of the changeovers needed bringing a boat from Japan.

We made good time going back down the estuary since the wind was at our back. We stopped into Jack London for a quick bladder break, before heading down further to the summer Sailstice Headquarters at the Encinal Yacht Club.


There at the Yacht Club, we made passes in front of the judges stand to bring some attention to the Zen24. 🙂
Our next move was to head back to the Afterguard office. There we, mostly me put the boat away for the evening.

Afterward I headed back over to the Encinal YC. There with my Zen24 gear, I set about chatting with a few people and smouzzing in general about the Zen24

Announcements were made, awards issued, alcohol flowed, I left. It was a good day.
I expect this event to double in size next year. I hope to organize a Summer Sailstice event in Japan next year, under the sponsorship of AOKI Yacht club and corporation. We can get more involved with the international sailing community as well as raise more Japanese interest..

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  1. I am in san francisco for two months before heading back to thailand. maybe you need an associate there? I would like to go on a demo sail in san fran if you have time. How about an electric incineration toilet for the head in the usa? light weight and uses electric power.

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