Earn Japanese boat license with in-house exam

  • Want to have a Japanese boating license?

  • Good news for English speaking boaters in Japan!

  • No longer you won’t to take government exams both on the water and written exam!

Yes, you can take our boat license classes in English language as well. You’ll have in-house written exams and on the water test.  You don’t have to take Government exams any more.
Because Aoki school is a Japanese government approved boating license school.
You can join Aoki sailing club after taking an ASA certification course and with your Japanese boating license. Aoki offers rental sail boat service at Yokosuka, Tokyo  and Osaka.
Enjoy unique Japanese water with Aoki!

Aoki sailing school here in Japanese language.
Aoki boating school here in Japanese language.

  • Learn to Sail classes

You can take  ASA (American Sailing Association) sailing classes in Japan and earn the ASA certifications. Both  on the water lessons and written exams are in English. We offer ASA basic classes, navigation classes and advanced classes at Yokosuka, Osaka and Okinawa.

Aoki is known as an ASA affiliate school in Japan. All of us at Aoki Schools share a basic commitment, “to do everything possible to make your boating experiences safe, fun and affordable”.

2 Comments to Earn Japanese boat license with in-house exam

  1. Ken Morgan says:

    I took the Aoki course last year at Kanagawa, If you are interested in these course. The instructor was very competent and taught well, but you must remember this: The Japanese testing system almost always has a strange way of asking questions, very rarely are they straight forward questions but seem to approach from the side. This is not a result of a bad translation, it is just how they tend to ask questions for tests. Sometimes you should/must read the questions from two or three angles before answering it 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ken,
    Sorry to get back to you so late.
    I understand what you mean. This test is so complicated and difficult.
    But we can’t change anything since national qualifications.
    Hope this answer helps you.

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