Requirements for Japanese boating license class

Required documents & download

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Copy of Resident Card (civilian)
  4. Original Certificates of Residence (civilian) issued from the local government office where you are registered.
    Or an original document which certifies your FPO/APO post office box (military).
    ※When you do not have these documents, you need other documents proving a place of residence in Japan. Crick here
  5. Four Color Photographs of 4.5 cm×3.5 cm, taken within six months, hatless, no sunglasses, front-view, above the chest, with your name and date of birth on the back side. See the photo below.
  6. Original Certificate of preliminary physical examination,
    Examination is carried out for eyesight, color blindness, eye disease, hearing ability. You must be “normal” for each item. Request that the doctor circle “normal” by showing your drivers license if you have one as it has the same standard. It is recommended that a Japanese doctor conduct the exam because you need a seal stamp on your photo.
  7. Mail all of the above documents #1 to #6  to:
    Aoki boat school
    Rinku-port Kita1, Tajiri-tyo, Sennan-gun,
    Osaka, 5980093 Japan
  8. Download the guide to the boat license exam