Ray Prendergast

Charlie, Yoh and Ray

Charlie, Yoh and Ray

My dear friend Ray, I’m sorry I replied you many times but the emails were returned. So I post here as you may have a chance to see. Please reply me.I’m so happy to have your email here! I often remembered that you invited me a dinner at home. I met Rob there. I knew I made the circumnavigation because of You, Lynn, Charlie, Suzanne and other friends who helped me and encouraged me. I feel very sorry to see your wife  Lynn and Charlie, Suzanne are past away. I didn’t know that. So you are now 88 years old and still flirting  with learning to soar in a glider. Yes I really would like you to send me the letters after share them with Rob. May I visit you when I come to San Francisco next time? I went to Oakland and Alameda this April when I attended a boat show at Jack London Square.

Please take care of yourself.

My company phone in California is 669 777 8011.


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  1. admin says:

    I’ve got your message Ray! I sent back my reply with address in Japan.

  2. Ray says:


    I will send a package this week

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